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What Method Of Garment Decoration Would You Choose?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Screen printing is a good solution if you require a large print run over 100+. Screen printed designs wash well and can maintain the print quality for a considerable length of time.

Screen Printing is the best process for large designs producing a high quality finish with excellent clear definition. At Evolve Branding we can print up to 14 colours in one bespoke design giving greater scope and ability to cope with complex, colourful designs, without losing definition ensuring logos and imagery are faithfully reproduced and colours are consistent. Furthermore we can now screen print designs up to 22 inches long and 18 inches wide.

Additionally we can offer a wide range of printing effects able to produce stunning bespoke clothing. If you have a project that requires more than just conventional print, there are a range of finishes to ensure that your product stands out.

When screen printing one colour at a time is applied and therefore the cost will increase with each additional colour applied. A separate screen is required for each colour, therefore multi colour screen charges may be uneconomical if only a small quantity of clothing is required.

Finishes offered include:-
• Print discharge
• Suede
• Phosphorescent (glows in the dark)
• Glitter
• Metallic

Embroidery is particularly suitable for smaller designs and logos producing a high quality finish, the more stitches per square inch used the better to ensure faithful reproduction . Evolve can put up to 15 separate colour threads per embroidery design and can also produce special stitch effects that can be far more creative than people imagine. Embroidered decoration lasts well.

We suggest embroidery for polo shirts, jackets, caps, fleeces and bags to achieve the best finish.
Your design is embroidered onto the garment of your choice with your chosen thread and colours.

Digital Transfer printing is lower cost and used mainly for shorter runs but may not last as long as screen printing or embroidery. Transfer printing is a particularly popular method for decorating baseball caps for example as they are difficult to print well because of the complications involved in printing on a curved surface, but transfers for baseball caps can be printed very quickly and applied very easily, making perfect, economical promotional items.

Transfer printing is also suitable for:
Lower runs
Low cost
Bags, hi-vis jackets and waterproofs
Express lead times
Garment is for promotional purposes, not lasting long

Added Extras

Evolve Branding will also take care of the following to complete the order process:
Order handing and fulfilment

Never forget – the washing instructions on the garment refer to the actual garment not to the print or decoration applied.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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