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Custom screen printed hooded Sweatshirts

Evolve Branding Ltd print Hooded tops/sweatshirts with traditional inks, some hooded tops also work well with water based inks and special discharge inks. Gildan are our most popular hoodie, the best being 100% Cotton material.

Our expert staff can help you with any queries regarding screen printing onto hoodies, just give us a call or fill in our contact form here we can help you make the right decision for your project/s.

Need pricing for your hoodie  printing project?

Doesn’t matter what size your project is large or small we can assist you, Evolve sales team provides reasonable pricing structure. You can either call us on 01733 370652 or email us on

Hoodie printing FAQ

• What kind of ink will be used on my hoodie?
Depending on which hoodie you choose from our catalogue. If you choose a 50/50 blend of (Half Cotton, Half Polyester) which is the most common. We would use a traditional ink process, if you choose a hoodie with 90% or above cotton a discharge ink will work very well. If you select a hoodie which is light in colour such as white or light grey we can use water based inks with no problem.

• How much will my hoodie cost?
There is a vast variety and is also determined by how many your your quantity is to be printed, the type of garment (please see our catalogue) and how complicated the printing design is (how many cols etc). If your design is multiple colours it will obviously be more expensive option for printing. If your design is single side or double will also have a impact on the overall cost of printing.

• How may colours can you print on my hoodie?
Evolve can print up to 12 colours but bear in mind we may have to use a white under base which will be one of your colours, bear this in mind when you design your artwork.

• What brand can we use?
If you consult our catalogue we have a vast variety and include our popular cotton Gildan® or American Apparel® hoodies.

• What types of hoodie can I choose?
Again consult our catalogue we stock over head hoodies, zipped and various other designs.

• How do I get the costs for my printed hoodies?
Fill in our contact form and our member of sales staff will assist you with your query.

• How long does the process take?
Please allow between 4-5 weeks for delivery. This time includes artwork production, amendments, printing and delivery.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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