Puff screen printing

Puff screen printing

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Need a design to catch the eye, our Puff printing technique can certainly do that. To achieve this affect it involves the usual silk screen process but also allows for a special 3D affect to be applied to your chosen design.

You can either raise the whole design or select specific parts of your design to give the 3D affect to. The sky is the limit on how creative you can be with your design depending on what you are wanting to achieve in the process. We feel most occasions text works extremely well with 3D puff printing.

Puff printing ink used is Plastisol based, the foaming agent expands when it reacts to the heat source causing the ink to expand giving it the 3D affect. If you want to create a unique brand design to really go the extra mile and stand out from the crowd, Puff printing will be the answer.

Pro’s of Puff screen printing:

  • Fast printing technique for printing large volumes
  • Pantone colour matching keeping true brand colours
  • High-durability
  • Very professional finish
  • Puff print can be printed on most fabrics
  • Multiple colour designs

Con’s of Puff screen printing:

  • Initial set-up means it wouldn’t work with smaller orders
  • Whilst puff screen printing doesn’t have a set minimum, we offer prices for 10 units and we advise placing orders of 25 units or more.

Uses of Puff Screen Printing

Puff screen printing is a very versatile technique, it works very well on most garments. Our experienced sales team can assist you with your choices if you have a specific garments you would like to use or you require further help. Evolve also provide services to print onto T-shirts, Hoodies, tote bags, sweatshirts and other garments of your choice just visit our catalogue here.

Ask our experienced team to answer your questions with reference to any of printing techniques we are very willing to help you complete your projects, contact us today.

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