Discharge inks printing

Print process – Water based inks – Discharge

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Water based inks:

Discharge inks – printing lighter colours onto dark backgrounds, it is quite clever how this process works. The dye is discharged into the garment replacing at a higher temperature with a pigment. The process isn’t used by all screen printers only specialist ones such as Evolve Branding ltd, our team have some many years experience (wouldn’t tell them that though :() in providing this specialised service. Just ask our sales team for more help on Discharged inks.

A softer texture with Discharged inks

I love the feel of a soft style garment which is printed by Discharged inks, they feel very soft and although a design can cover a large area this process is must. It avoids huge areas of ink being covered and creating a plastic service. One word of advice, if your design or brand requires a solid keyline or clean graphic with no room for rough edges this may not be the process for you, discharged inks leave the graphic quite soft and may not hold the edge as well as plastisol inks so if you are going to be super technical look at our next blog post for Plastisol inks.

Distressed affects
If your design requires a distressed or vintage look this process will fit the bill. This is the distressed printed or vintage process. As you march round Fat face, Animal or O’Neil you will notice this style of printing on t-shirts they all use this process to create a unique distressed look without having to wash your t-shirt many many or even many times.

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