Artwork specifications

Design Size
All artwork files need to be set to actual size with Photoshop files being saved at 300 dpi.

Artwork format
We require Vector based artwork for most spot colour work and the preferred format is Adobe Illustrator. For process and simulated process work we require layered Adobe Photoshop files saved at actual size at a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

NOTE: If there is text included within the file for best results this should be saved in vector format separately from the original file which will be dropped in during the design separation. If this is not possible increase the Photoshop resolution to around 600dpi to keep the text looking as clean as possible. Flatten and rasterize text whenever possible.

File Sizes
Artwork files should ideally be e-mailed to the relevant e-mail address (if unsure contact your sales rep). When e-mailing files ensure they are referenced with your order number. Larger files may need uploading to the FTP site or sending in the post please follow the guides below:

0 – 5mb – Send via e-mail 10mb+ – Upload to FTP site or send copy on CD or removable storage device in the post.
For details on uploading files to our FTP site please contact your sales representative

All files created in Illustrator, CorelDRAW and In-Design must have all fonts outlined or converted to objects. Alternatively all screen and printer fonts used must be supplied in suitcases.

Proofing & Colour Matching
All artwork will be proofed as a .pdf document and must be signed off prior to production. For spot colour work all files must contain attached Pantone colour references (PMS). For process and simulated process work if the design or colour balance is critical a signed hard copy will be required prior to production.

Web Images
Imagery taken from websites will generally not work as these files are normally very small to enable web pages to load quickly and in turn the quality is very low.

Digital Photos
If you wish to use a digital photo they usually come as .jpg bmp .gif files and will need to be a minimum of 150-300dpi.and saved as CMYK. Always set your digital camera to quality level High or Best. If the digital camera does not take pictures at the correct quality have the images developed as a glossy print which can then be scanned.

If a scanned image is being supplied ensure the file is scanned at 300dpi as a minimum and quality settings are set to best or high. Ensure the image that is being scanned is glossy and high quality. Wherever possible please supply us with the original image which we will scan in house, ensuring the correct quality.

Accepted Formats

Illustrator CS (.ai, .eps, .pdf)
– Convert ALL fonts to outlines
– Outline ALL strokes

Photoshop CS (.psd, .tiff, .eps)
– Save as CMYK

In-Design CS (.indd)
– Include ALL fonts and placed images

Acrobat (.pdf)
– Embed ALL fonts and images upon export.
– Set image export to 300dpi

CorelDRAW (.eps, .ai, .ps)
– Files should be saved as either .eps, .ai or .ps
prior to sending.
– Convert ALL fonts to outlines
– Outline ALL strokes

Freehand (exported as .eps or .ai)
– Convert ALL fonts to outlines
– Outline ALL strokes